Arnold Guebert Biography

The Arnold Guebert Library was named after a former College president, who was also one of Concordia's most popular instructors and its first librarian.

Rev. Arnold Guebert was born in 1896 in Red Budd, Illinois. He graduated from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis in 1921 and served in several American churches before coming to Edmonton in 1928 to begin his 42-year career at Concordia College. Rev. Guebert, a true Renaissance man, taught German language and literature, Hebrew, Economics, Social Studies, the Humanities, Latin and Typing to several generations of students in the high school and college. In addition to his boundless energy and dedication to the teaching profession, Rev. Guebert organized an archive for the church and the Lutheran Laymen's League, and personally recorded much of Concordia's history with his camera.

In 1946, Rev. Guebert assumed responsibility for the library. Long before officially becoming librarian, however, he had devoted much time and energy to building the library collection. In addition to his work as instructor and librarian, Rev. Guebert was College president in 1959-60.

Rev. Guebert served the College up until his death, November 24, 1970. In 1974, the Concordia College Board of Regents accepted a proposal by the Lutheran Laymen's League to name the library the Arnold Guebert Library.

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