Library Code of Conduct

The following is not allowed:

  • Misuse, defacement or theft of library facilities.
  • Unauthorized presence in non-public areas of the library.
  • Intentional misplacement or damage of library materials.
  • Consumption of food in the public areas of the library.
  • Smoking in any area within the library.
  • Improper or unauthorized use of computer facilities.
  • Leaving children unsupervised in the library.

Violations of this code and failure to comply with library staff will be immediately referred to the Dean of Student Services or the High School Principal for appropriate disciplinary action.

The campus code of conduct as specified in section 10.6.2 of the Concordia calendar also states that the following actions are considered offences and subject to the disciplinary process:

  • Conduct or communications which discriminate against an individual or group and prevent their full participation in campus life.
  • Conduct or communications which threaten or intimidate another member of the campus community; disregard for the physical safety of members of the campus community; physical abuse of members of the campus community.
  • Harassment. Actions which constitute harassment are defined in Concordia’s Harassment Policy, available through the office of the Dean of Student Affairs.
  • Disruptive behaviour which impedes the educational, cocurricular or extracurricular activities of Concordia.
  • Conduct on or off campus which discredits Concordia. Students participating in or attending official Concordia functions off-campus, such as choir concerts or athletic events, are considered representatives of Concordia and are expected to conduct themselves according to the regulations for life on campus.
  • The use of abusive or offensive language.
  • Offensive sexual conduct.
  • The misuse, damage or theft of the property of others, or of the property or facilities of Concordia.
  • Dishonest or fraudulent acts.
  • The illegal or excessive use of drugs; the possession of illegal drugs on campus; contributing to the illegal use of drugs.

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